About Rexpurple

CEO's greetings

We would welcome everyone of you who has come to Rexpurple.

And we would like to thank everyone of you for trusting our company and being with us.

Rexpurple is a company that prepares for a future for the happiness of customers and the success of operators, and was established to form a global happiness community where everyone will live fine together.

Rexpurple is going diverse platform businesses such as environment-friendly biodegradation mulching, Aibo card, online sports game, and extension, the philippines casino business, domestic/overseas investment in real estate, travel business, etc. and now, is revealing the value of the group business to the world through many successful people.

Rexpurple will provide a lasting pillar for you to lean on to achieve a precious value nicely.

We would like you to try changing your tomorrow life together with Rexpuple.

We would like you to be the owner of Rexpurple.

Our company would always like to do its best and serve you to be a company growing together with the operators through transparent business benefits.

Thank you.

Our Mission And Vision

RexPurple was established for the purpose of constructing a happy global community.

We are making the development of a portal site, the structure of a global shopping mall, a membership club for the members, a research and development of global marketing and the structure of affiliated stores for ticket use our five major tasks.

Particularly, RexPurple has a purpose of becoming a company improving future, thinking of environment preservation of the earth and healthy human life first through an environment-friendly biodegradation mulching business.


You can find us:

  • 3010 wilshire Blvd #380 Los Angeles,
  • CA90010 Rexpurple company Inc USA

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