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Contract - Terms and Conditions
Please approach with care and read the following Terms and Conditions before you search this Website. This Terms and Conditions are subject to change without any prior notice. Please confirm the updates of this Terms and Conditions each time you make an access, or visit this Website. If you do not agree with any of this Terms and Conditions, terminate immediately. Continue only if you agree with these Terms and Conditions.

Recommended Web browser
We recommend using Goggle Chrome to browse this Website. Viewing this Website with a browser outside these recommendations may result in poor performance, improper display, or the inability to explore properly. You may experience difficulties even when using the recommended browser depending on your browser configuration.

Exemption Clause
Although every effort has been made to verify the information presented on this Website, the Company may not guarantee the complete accuracy of any information contained herein. In no event shall the Company be held liable for any damages arising out of the use or non-use of the contents of this Website. The Company also assumes no liability or responsibility for any software or hardware damages arising from your access to this Website. The information on this Website is subject to change or be deleted by the Company at any time without prior notice. In addition, the Company may temporarily suspend or discontinue the operation of this Website if necessary. In such cases, the Company shall not be held liable for any damages arising from the changes, deletion of contents, suspension or discontinuance of this Website. In no event shall the Company be managed and operated by the third parties other than the Company or be held liable for any damages arising from your access to the Websites linked to this Website.

We are not responsible for the availability or the content of any other Internet sites (not provided by us) linked to the Website. Access to any other internet site is at your own risk. If you prepare a link or frame regarding the Website, it will be at your own risk. We reserve the right to disable any links or frame objects from the Website. We reserve the right to change the URL of the Website.

Restrictions on the Disclosure of Information
We never share any of your personal data with any third party, unless you give us permission. However, we may disclose the information about you or your account if ordered to do so in the course of a requested, legal or regulatory proceeding. You should keep your passwords confidential.